The Southern Management Association (SMA) is a domestic affiliate of the Academy of Management.  We create value for our members, organizations, and society through professional development, high-impact scholarship and teaching, and engaging programs.  We are socially responsible and maintain a sense of community by nurturing members, building collaborations, fostering life-long friendship, and making a difference with our activities.

The 2019-2020 Board of SMA

The SMA membership consists of more than 1,000 management professors, doctoral students, and executives, representing more than 200 colleges, universities, and business firms in 43 states and numerous countries worldwide. In addition, we have a broad array of interests among members, which is reflected by our nine interest areas:

  • Organization Theory – International Management 
  • Human Resources – Research Methods 
  • Ethics – Social Issues – Diversity Issues – Careers 
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Strategic Management 
  • Innovative Teaching     
  • Entrepreneurship – Innovation
  • Health Care – Hospitality Management – Public Administration
  • Management History – Management Education – Information Technology

SMA provides a variety of professional activities and events for those who are interested in the study of management. Toward this end, the critical objective of SMA is the development and dissemination of new ideas and approaches to the research, teaching, and practice of management through collegial relationships and friendship. We strive to keep members abreast of new knowledge and practices in the field and to create a professional community that exchanges ideas and provides assistance to others. In addition, SMA promotes the current knowledge and skills to members by sharing expertise about how to achieve excellence in the performance of our academic and professional roles.