Webinar on Systematic Barriers and the SMA Acting on Our Values Initiative

Co-sponsored with the Management Faculty of Color Association

September 24, 2020


This forum/webinar was designed to introduce the Acting on Our Values SMA Strategic Initiative to the SMA membership, as well as provide an avenue for dialogue and discussion on initiative direction and execution.  The Town Hall Forum/Webinar focused on the 3 E’s of Acting on Our Values: Educate, Empower, Equalize. It allowed for consideration of initiative-related action items heading into the upcoming SMA Virtual Conference. Webinar participants were encouraged to submit questions in real time via the Zoom chat function for submission to the session panelists.  The session was recorded and and can be viewed in its entirety below.


 Webinar Moderator:

Dr. Anthony C. Hood
Associate Professor and Director of Civic Innovation
University of Alabama-Birmingham

Webinar Panelists:

Dr. Donna Blancero
Provost and Professor
Bentley University

Dr. Oscar Holmes IV
Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Professor
Rutgers University
Dr. Hettie Richardson
SMA President
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Professor
Texas Christian University
Dr. Alexis (Lex) Washington
Senior Inclusion Officer and Associate Professor
Oklahoma State University



Resources for Anti-Racism Education & Practice

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Diversity Matters podcast 

Confronting Racism at Work 

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