CARMA@SMA Symposium

"Come Early. Build Your Methods Toolkit."

SMA has strengthened its partnership with CARMA and will offer a two sessions at this year’s annual meeting. Both sessions will take place from 1:3o to 4:30 PM on Wednesday, October 30. Unregistered participants are welcome to attend, but we ask participants to complete the registration at the bottom of this page by October 4 so we can plan event space appropriately. Please note that you must be registered for the conference to attend a CARMA@SMA Symposium event.

Contact Lindsey Greco ( with questions.

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Session #1 Title: Experience Sampling: Design and Measurement

Presenter(s): Joel Koopman, Texas A&M University

Abstract: Join us for an enlightening workshop on “Experience Sampling: Design and Measurement,” where we delve into the dynamic world of within-individual research methodologies. This comprehensive course will guide you through the theoretical underpinnings of experience sampling, offering a deep understanding of its significance in capturing real-time, real-world data. We’ll explore the practicalities of study logistics, ensuring you’re well-equipped to design and execute studies with precision and efficiency. We’ll also dive into the intricacies of survey design, learning how to not only craft questions that yield meaningful and reliable responses, but also how to effectively administer these surveys with a focus on timing, frequency, and response optimization to ensure high-quality data collection. Whether you’re a faculty member or PhD student, with experience in this approach or interested in trying it out, this workshop will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge to excel in the field of within-individual research.

Session #2 Title: Introduction to Organizational Social Network Research

Presenter(s): Kristin Cullen-Lester, Seong Won Yang, and Houston Lester, University of Mississippi

Description: This workshop provides an introduction to social network research in organizations. Topics will include theoretical grounding for network studies, types of questions that can be answered, and different study designs and methodological approaches. We will provide practical recommendations for designing and conducting network studies and discuss the types of statistical models that are appropriate for analyzing relational data. Participants will have the option to conduct analyses (please bring your laptop) or to follow along as we calculate and interpret network measures and visualize social networks in organizations.

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