SMA Doctoral Consortia Application Form

(To Be Filled Out By Student)

SMA is proud to offer consortia for early and late stage doctoral students as part of its Annual Meeting (see These events will be held on Wednesday, October 30th, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Participants of doctoral and pre-doctoral consortia are expected to attend for the entirety of the day. Individuals who attend the full program of their respective consortium will earn a $550 stipend.

To be considered for one of the SMA doctoral consortia, this form should be completed and submitted by the student. A nomination form filled out by the Ph.D. Coordinator at your doctoral institution is also required. It is your responsibility to send this form to your Ph.D. Coordinator to complete. That form can be found here:

The deadline for submitting all application materials is June 15, 2024.

Have questions about completing this form? Please email SMA Doctoral Consortium Coordinator Andrew Bennett (


(1) Only active members can register for the Annual Meeting. 
(2) Individuals can apply for one consortium only.
(3) Participation in a Consortium will preclude an individual from taking part in any off-site event that is scheduled at the same time.
(4) Pre-doctoral, early-stage, and late-stage consortia participants must attend the SMA Business Meeting, which will be held on the evening of Thursday, October 31, to receive their stipend.

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