SMA Doctoral Consortia Nomination Form

The application deadline for all SMA consortia has passed. New applications are no longer being accepted.

(To Be Completed By Ph.D. Coordinator)

The Southern Management Association offers two doctoral student consortia each year in conjunction with its Annual Meeting. One consortium is for early-stage students. Depending on the doctoral program structure, these students generally would be in their first or second year and still taking courses, and they would not yet have taken their comprehensive exams. The other consortium is for late-stage students, typically in their third year or later, who have completed their courses and comprehensive exams. Students must be nominated by the Ph.D. Coordinator at their doctoral institution, using this form, to be considered for participation in either consortium.

Please complete this form to nominate students from your doctoral program for the consortia. You may nominate multiple students for either consortium or both so long as you also rank-order the students to indicate the relative priority of each student’s nomination if there is not room to accept them all. These should be within-consortium rankings with “1” being the highest priority. Thus, if you nominate two students for each consortium, you would rank one student for each consortium as “1,” and the other two students would be ranked “2.”

The deadline for submitting all application materials is June 15, 2023.