Call for Participants for the SMA 2024 Faculty Consortium

Call for Participants: Faculty Consortium on the Topic of “You Got Tenure, Now What?”

Southern Management Association announces the upcoming Faculty Consortium on the topic of tenure at the 2024 conference in San Antonio, TX. For information about this year’s conference, please visit The consortium will take place on October 30th and seeks to foster a collaborative and insightful dialogue among faculty members. Following-up on last years’ faculty consortium on tenure, this year’s consortium will focus on faculty members’ careers and opportunities post-tenure.  

Tenure is a significant career milestone that faculty members spend years building towards. The award of tenure is typically associated with feelings of excitement, accomplishment, and even relief. At the same time, the award of tenure represents a transition to a new career stage. Despite the accomplishment and positive feelings surrounding tenure, faculty members often feel overwhelmed defining their identity post-tenure. In this year’s faculty consortium, we will focus on ways faculty members can craft their career identities following the award of tenure.

Key topics to be explored during the consortium include, but are not limited to:

  • Crafting your Research Identity
  • Working with Doctoral Students
  • Opportunities in Administration
  • Service to the Profession and Leadership Opportunities
  • Becoming a Master Teacher

We invite faculty members from all management disciplines and career stages to join our faculty consortium!

To express your interest in participating, please submit your CV and a brief statement of interest in 250 words or less, highlighting your background, experiences, and specific aspects of tenure you would like to explore during the consortium. Kindly submit your materials by September 1, 2024, using the application form at

Please be advised that spaces are limited, and participants will be selected based on their statement of interest and the potential for meaningful contributions to the consortium discussions.

We look forward to your active involvement in this Faculty Consortium on Tenure, as we collectively work towards fostering a supportive and inclusive academic environment.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact


Stacey Kessler
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior/Human Resources
Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

Coles College of Business
Kennesaw State University