Call for Participants for the SMA 2023 Faculty Consortium

The application deadline for all SMA consortia has passed. New applications are no longer being accepted.

Call for Participants: Faculty Consortium on the Topic of Tenure

Southern Management Association announces the upcoming Faculty Consortium on the topic of tenure at the 2023 conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The consortium will take place on October 25th and seeks to foster a collaborative and insightful dialogue among faculty members from management departments in SMA-participating institutions. This consortium aims to address the challenges, opportunities, and evolving practices surrounding tenure in the management academic community.

Tenure is essential to shaping the future of higher education. Tenure provides us job security, academic freedom, and institutional stability. However, tenure processes and policies vary across institutions, and navigating them can be complex and at times even daunting. Critically, the topic of tenure has been in the news with several SMA members’ home states recently announced initiatives to redefine or change tenure.

In light of this, the Faculty Consortium on Tenure offers a unique platform to share experiences, best practices, and innovative strategies related to tenure. The consortium will provide an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, gain valuable insights, and build networks with colleagues who have diverse perspectives on tenure. The consortium seeks to add value to all career stages, including faculty members who have yet to navigate the tenure process, associate professors who have yet to navigate the promotion process, and to full professors who may participate on promotion and tenure review boards. Speakers will share advice, best practices, and helpful tips aimed at all three groups. Whether you are in the early stages of your tenure journey or have valuable experiences to share, your participation and thoughts are essential to enriching the consortium discussions.

Key topics to be explored during the consortium include:

Tenure processes and policies: Exploring the similarities and differences across institutions.

Achieving tenure: Strategies for effectively preparing and presenting tenure portfolios.

Balancing research, teaching, and service: Navigating the expectations of tenure while maintaining a fulfilling academic career.

Equity and inclusivity in tenure: Addressing potential biases and promoting equity in tenure evaluation.

Post-tenure considerations: Exploring opportunities for growth and leadership beyond tenure.

We invite faculty members from all management disciplines and career stages to join our faculty consortium!

To express your interest in participating, please submit your CV and a brief statement of interest in 250 words or less, highlighting your background, experiences, and specific aspects of tenure you would like to explore during the consortium. Kindly submit your materials by September 1, 2023, using the application form at

Please be advised that spaces are limited, and participants will be selected based on their statement of interest and the potential for meaningful contributions to the consortium discussions.

We look forward to your active involvement in this Faculty Consortium on Tenure, as we collectively work towards fostering a supportive and inclusive academic environment.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact


Christopher Penney
Associate Professor of Management
Program Director of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Ryan College of Business
University of North Texas