J. G. "Jerry" Hunt SMA Sustained Outstanding Service Award

In keeping with SMA’s mission, tradition, and Jerry Hunt’s legacy, the 2020 James G. (Jerry) Hunt Sustained Outstanding Service Award seeks to recognize an individual who has provided continued outstanding service to SMA. This honor is awarded based upon; (1) Magnitude/Impact
of the Nominee’s contributions to SMA; (2) Variety of Contributions to SMA, and (3) Length of Service to SMA.

The Hunt Award recognizes an individual who has consistently helped SMA reach its goals and mission over a period of years. The individual recognized must have made important, sustained, and current contributions to SMA, including, but not limited to, elected office (e.g., board
member, treasurer, secretary), appointed position (e.g., track chairs, committees) and volunteer service (e.g., paper reviewers, session chairs and discussants) as well as extraordinary contributions to SMA (e.g., local arrangements, financial contributions). The winner of this award should be either active or recently active in the Southern Management Association.

Past Recipients of the J. G. “Jerry” Hunt SMA Sustained Outstanding Service Award

YearRecipientAffiliation at Time of Award
2023Bruce LamontFlorida State University
2022Christopher ShookWestern Kentucky University
2021Margaret WilliamsTexas Tech University
2020 Jim CombsUniversity of Central Florida
2019 Tim BarnettMississippi State University
 2018Terri Scandura  University of Miami 
2017William L. GardnerTexas Tech University
2016Archie CarrollUniversity of Georgia
2015Bob GreerTexas Christian University
2014Mark GavinWest Virginia University
2013Kevin MossholderAuburn University
2012Mark MartinkoUniversity of Queensland
2011Geralyn McClure FranklinStephen F. Austin State University
2010K. Michele KacmarUniversity of Alabama
2009Chester A. SchriesheimUniversity of Miami
2008Pamela W. PerrewéFlorida State University
2007W. Jack DuncanUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
2006Robert C. FordUniversity of Central Florida
2005David D. Van FleetArizona State University
2004Arthur G. BedeianLouisiana State University
2003 James G. HuntTexas Tech University