Workshop Structure

PART 1 (Via Zoom; Pre-Registration* Required)

  • Goal of Part 1: By the end of Part 1, participants will have generated a viable research question that is suited for publication in JOMSR.
  • Register for any one of the three Part 1 sessions through the SMA “Guided JOMSR “Pub” Crawl” submission portal (ENTER LINK HERE). Registration dates for each Part 1 session are listed below.
  • Session Dates (attend one of the following):
    • Option #1:
      • Date: May 21, 2024
      • Time: 12:00 PM ACST (Adelaide); 12:30 PM AEST (Canberra); 10:30am SGT and HKT (Singapore and Hong Kong)
      • Registration deadline: May 15, 2024
    • Option #2:
      • Date: May 22, 2024
      • Time: <INSERT TIME>
      • Registration deadline: May 17, 2024
    • Option #3:
      • Date: May 28, 2024
      • Time: <INSERT TIME>
      • Registration deadline: May 23, 2024
  • Session Format:
    • “Pub” Guidance
      • Welcome from SMA Leadership
      • EIC, AEs: Intro the mission and scope of JOMSR (10 mins)
      • Special Issue AEs discuss the goals of the Leadership SI (15 mins)
      • Common methodological mistakes/pitfalls in replication and theory testing (15 minutes)
    • Break / Q&A (10 minutes)
    • Breakouts Rooms led by AEs and subject matter experts (break at 25 minutes to allow participants to shuffle between rooms (50 minutes)


  • Deliverable after Part 1: Participants will submit the front end of their manuscript and proposed methodology by June 30th through the SMA “Guided JOMSR “Pub” Crawl” submission portal (ENTER LINK HERE)
    • By July 15th, participants will be matched by the “SMA JOMSR Guided “Pub” Crawl” Committee with a CARMA (methodological) expert based on their proposed methodology.

*Upon registering, all participants will be sent several articles and helpful resources regarding theory testing and replication (e.g., Wulff et al., 2023), the aims and scope of JOMSR, and related editorials (e.g., Kraimer, Martin, Schulze, & Seibert, 2023) that should be read prior to participation in the virtual session.

PART 2: One on One with a CARMA Methodological Expert

  • Goal by end of Part 2: Participants will have vetted their methodological approach with a methodological expert and should be ready to begin data collection.
  • Session Format
    • One-on-one feedback (author/author team and CARMA expert) on proposed methodology (via Zoom)
  • Session Dates
    • Scheduled by participant and methodological expert between 7/15 – 8/15
    • Must be completed by 8/15/2024
  • Grant Funding Application
  • Conference Fee Waiver
    • Participants should finalize their methodology and submit it, along with the front end of their paper, through the SMA “Guided Pub Crawl” submission portal by August 30, 2024.
    • After submitting the completed full proposal, qualifying participants will be sent a registration waiver for the SMA 2024 conference. Registration waiver codes will be distributed by September 16, 2024
    • After submitting the completed full proposal, participants can apply for $1000.00 in research grant funds through the SMA “Guided JOMSR “Pub” Crawl” submission portal (ENTER LINK HERE). In order to receive funding, the lead author on the paper must have attended parts 1 and 2 of the Guided “Pub” Crawl, submitted their full proposal (including the methodology) by the stated deadline (8/30/24), and specify how they plan to use the grants funds. Funding will be distributed per proposal (not per participant) and can be used for any associated research expenses, such as data, software purchases, and/or travel expenses that the grant funding committee deems appropriate. Funds will be disbursed by September 16, 2024.


  • Deliverable after Part 2:
    • Submit full paper through the SMA “Guided Pub Crawl” portal by October 15, 2024
      • JOMSR Editorial Board Panelists will review manuscripts in preparation for Part 3 (individualized feedback and breakout sessions).

PART 3: Paper Presentations to JOMSR Editorial Panel and Feedback

  • Goal by end of Part 3: Incorporate feedback from JOMSR Editorial Panel and submit completed manuscript to the JOMSR Special Issue on Theory Testing and Replications in Leadership Science by 12/01/2024 deadline.
  • Session Dates
    • US Participants: Wednesday, 10/30/2024 at SMA (San Antonio, TX) from 1-4pm
  • Session Format (in-person for US participants; virtual for non-US-based participants unable to attend)
    • Presentation of papers and Q&A
    • Coffee/Snack and Networking Break
    • Breakouts: JOMSR specialists to provide individualized feedback


  • Deliverable: Submit completed manuscript to JOMSR SI by the 12/01/2024 deadline.

SMA Guided “Pub” Crawl Roadmap

Session 1: Virtual Meeting (attend one session): 5/20, 5/22, or 5/28
GoalDeliverableDue DateSubmission Portal
Generate viable research question for JOMSR Leadership SI

Manuscript proposal front-end (intro, lit review, hypotheses, proposed methodology)

June 30


Session 2: 1-on-1 CARMA Coaching (self-scheduled virtual meeting): 7/15 – 8/15
GoalDeliverableDue DateSubmission Portal
Meet with assigned CARMA coach to refine study designsSet up a zoom meeting with your team’s assigned CARMA expertJuly 15 – August 15Author and CARMA expert will be connected via email
Let SMA fund your research!
Submit revised manuscript proposal front-end (intro, lit review, hypotheses, refined methodology). Apply for funding and conference registration waiver.August 30INSERT LINK
Complete full draft

Submit full manuscript

October 15


Session 3: Paper Presentations for JOMSR Editorial Panel at SMA: 10/30
GoalDeliverableDue DateSubmission Portal
Present & get feedbackPresent your full manuscriptOctober 30 (1:00 – 4: 00 PM)N/A
Submit final MS to JOMSR Leadership SISubmit completed manuscript (through JOMSR’s manuscript central)December 1