Fellows of the Southern Management Association

The Fellowship traces its origin to 1989, when SMA President James G. Hunt asked W. Jack Duncan to Chair a committee composed of Arthur G. Bedeian and Keith Davis to investigate creating a Fellows Group within the Southern Management Association. In November, 1993, upon the Committee’s recommendation, the SMA Board of Directors formally approved the formation of a Fellows Group. A set of Founding Fellows, all Fellows of the Academy of Management, who had served as either President of the Academy or the Southern Management Association, held an inaugural meeting in November 1994. The Fellowship has held an annual dinner each November since. The Founding Fellows, charged with the responsibility of organizing the Fellowship, were Arthur G. Bedeian, Louisiana State University, W. Jack Duncan, University of Alabama at Birmingham, William M. Fox, University of Florida, Robert M. Fulmer, College of William and Mary, James G. Hunt, Texas Tech University, Leon C. Megginson, Mobile College, Dennis F. Ray, Mississippi State University, Max S.Wortman, Iowa State University, and Daniel A. Wren, University of Oklahoma. 

Election to the Fellowship is based on the following criteria:

  1. Scholarly achievements while an SMA member; those made before becoming an SMA member receive secondary consideration.
  2. Significant SMA service, including offices held, committee involvement, editorial responsibilities, and program participation. Whereas service is an important consideration, it alone is insufficient for being elected a Fellow.
  3. Minimum of five years’ SMA membership and participation.

Tyge Payne, Louisiana State University

Associate Dean:
James (Jim) Combs, University of Central Florida

Fellows Historian:
Jon. C. Carr, North Carolina State University   

Active Members:
David Allen, Texas Christian University
Neal Ashkanasy, University of Queensland
M. Ronald (Mike) Buckley, University of Oklahoma
Jon. C. Carr, North Carolina State University   
James G. Combs, University of Central Florida
Brian L. Connelly, Auburn University
Russell Cropanzano, University of Colorado
Russell Crook, University of Tennessee
Angelo DeNisi, Tulane University
William L. Gardner, Texas Tech University
Mark B. Gavin, West Virginia University
Janaki Gooty, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Lucy Gilson, University of Connecticut
Aaron Hill, University of Florida
Wayne Hochwarter, Florida State University
Dave Ketchen, Auburn University
Lisa Schurer Lambert, Oklahoma State University
Bruce Lamont, Florida State University
Kevin Lowe, University of Sydney
Tyge Payne, Texas Tech University
Chuck Pierce, University of Memphis 
Hettie Richardson, Texas Christian University
Terri A. Scandura, University of Miami
Chris Shook, University of Montana
Jeremy C. Short, University of North Texas
Sherry Sullivan, Bowling Green State University
Bennett Tepper, Ohio State University
Larry Williams, Texas Tech University
Margaret Williams, Texas Tech University
Dave Woehr, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota

Emeritus Members:
Achilles Armenakis
Tim Barnett
Arthur G. Bedeian
John D. Blair
Archie B. Carroll
W. Jack Duncan
William Fox
Robert Fulmer
Daniel C. Feldman
Gerald R. Ferris
Robert C. Ford
Charles R. Greer
Bill Holley
K. Michele (Micki) Kacmar
J. Bernard Keys
Mark Martinko
Bruce M. Meglino
Kevin W. Mossholder
Pamela Perrewé
Anson Seers
Paul Spector
Hetty van Emmerik
Dennis Ray
Vida Scarpello
Robert Vandenberg
David D. Van Fleet
Daniel A. Wren
Myron D. Fottler
Theodore T. Herbert 
David D. Van Fleet

Inactive Members:
Ricky W. Griffin, Texas A&M University
Chester Schriesheim, University of Miami

In Memoriam:
Robert P. Vecchio
James G. “Jerry” Hunt
Leon Megginson
Charles R. Scott
Max S. Wortman, Jr.