Join the SMA Team and Get Involved

All members of SMA are encouraged to support the organization through volunteer positions. SMA depends on its members to participate in a variety of supporting capacities to ensure our mutual interest in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the art and science of management.

The diagram above shows how you can become involved in SMA whether you are looking for your first volunteer role or you are a seasoned volunteer veteran. Numerous leadership opportunities also exist within the SMA and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to fill these roles.

Are you ready to volunteer?

Sign up now using the interest boxes below. If you have never volunteered with SMA, or you only have a couple conferences under your belt, we encourage you to start with the “Entry Level Leaders” box and indicate all positions in which you are interested. If you have some volunteer experience, you can indicate your interest in the “Conference Producers” box or the “Elected Leadership” box. Some of the positions listed below are appointed by the board, while others are elected positions. 

Entry Level Leaders
  • Registration and Help Desk
  • SMA Ambassador
  • Social Event Host
  • Room Coordinator
  • Session Discussant
  • “On-demand” needs at the conference
Conference Producers

All roles below are appointed positions. Contact the current Program Chair Elect to receive more information

  • Track Chair
  • Consortia Chair
  • Controller
  • Communications Coordinator
  • CIO/Webmaster
Elected Leadership

These roles are recruited by the Board and selected by SMA ballot.  Contact a current Board Member for more information.

  • SMA Board Member
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
5-Year Rotation Team

These roles are selected by SMA ballot and commit to a 5-year term. Contact the current Past President for more information.

  • President
  • VP & President Elect
  • VP and Program Chair
  • VP and Program Chair Elect
  • Past President

Click here to view the position descriptions and requirements associated with each position.

The following table displays important information regarding Calls made by SMA. Information included in this table may help you to identify roles that are of interest to you and will make you aware of important application/nomination deadlines. If you want to know more about these roles, you can hover over the role title in the previous image for additional information. Alternatively, you can contact one of your SMA officials, all of whom will be happy to assist you.  

CallDeadlineLink to Call and Application
Doctoral Constoria ChairMarch 1, 2024
Pre-Doctoral Consortium CoordinatorMarch 1, 2024
Faculty Consortium CoordinatorMarch 1, 2024
Leadership TrackTBD
Board MemberTBD
SecretaryTBDComing soon…
SMA ElectionsTBDComing soon…
SMA VolunteerOpen/Rolling