Volunteer with SMA

How to get involved with SMA?

Because the membership of SMA consists of persons who share a mutual interest in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the art and science of management, we encourage all members to participate actively in SMA activities by submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Management and to the Call for Papers for the Annual Meeting each spring. SMA depends on its members to participate in a variety of supporting capacities involving the annual meeting, such as reviewing papers, presenting research, chairing sessions, and serving as manuscript discussants. Numerous leadership opportunities also exist within the SMA, and contributions as area coordinators and session chairpersons are essentials to SMA’s continued growth and improvement. SMA members are encouraged to become involved in supporting roles by serving as committee members, and to participate in elections that are held annually to select officers and board members.

For the SMA to improve, it requires the active involvement, participation, and contributions of its members. SMA can only be as good as its membership.

In you would like to volunteer, please complete our volunteer form below so we can contact you. Thank you for contributing to the mission of SMA. 

There are a number of ways you can help. Volunteer now and indicate what roles you prefer. After the conference program becomes available we’ll be back in touch so you can indicate your preferred time-slots. Volunteering is a great way to get more involved in SMA and meet your colleagues. Many of our members volunteer for multiple roles or time-slots as their schedule permits.

  • Help Desk  –  You will help people at the conference. Two-hour shifts are available throughout the conference.
  • Social Events – You will host some of the fun activities at the social events. Multiple slots are available so it doesn’t take up your whole evening.
  • Room Coordinator – You’ll be responsible for monitoring a presentation room, ensuring speaker effectiveness, and generally making sure things run smoothly. These are 2 hour assignments on Thursday and Friday.  
  • Whatever you need – Your flexibility is appreciated and helps us ensure we can fully support the conference activities. Feel free to add this option to your other preferences.