SMA Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Award

“We create value for our members, organizations, and society through professional development, high-impact scholarship and teaching, engaging programs, and deliberate, socially responsible acts. We do this while maintaining a sense of community that involves nurturing members, building collaborations, enhancing life-long friendships, and making a difference with our activities.”                                               

– SMA’s Mission Statement –

Consistent with the primary mission of SMA of advancing the teaching, learning, and practicing of management, the purpose of the SMA Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Award is to encourage and recognize the development and implementation of progressive teaching methods aimed at enhancing the learning experience, increasing the effectiveness of teaching, and aligning the teaching methodologies with the current and prospective market needs. One recipient will be selected.

Eligibility: To be considered for the SMA Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Award, the person should have a record that includes:

  1. Have a history of some type of teaching pedagogy innovation.
  2. Will have presented 2 teaching sessions including in-track paper or PDI at SMA.
  3. Will consider a member’s body of work in teaching
  4. Will consider external teaching recognition demonstrating quality and/or innovation.
  5. SMA membership is required.

Winners of this award selected in the past three years will be ineligible to compete. SMA Board Members are eligible for this award.

Nomination Process: Nominations are solicited from the SMA membership by the President of SMA. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominators are asked to send the nominee’s name(s) and a CV with relevant information, along with a short note about why they think this person would make a great nominee. A letter of support from another SMA member will be part of the nomination process. The award winner will be recognized at SMA’s annual conference and must attend the SMA meeting to receive the award.

Application/Nomination package should include the following:

  1. A nomination letter summarizing how the nominee meets the criteria for the award.
  2. A current copy of the Curriculum Vitae of the individual being nominated.
  3. Any additional relevant information.

SMA Officers or a committee appointed by the SMA Officers will review the nominations and select the recipient(s) of the SMA Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Award. Send nominations to Dr. Sharon Segrest ( by July 1, 2022.