Acting on our Values logo SMA 2020

2020 has SMA using a virtual conference, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still Act on our Values. This is what we have planned for the virtual conference this year. 

Black Lives Matter in Academic Research

Purpose: While the vast majority of organizational life is replete with diverse identities, academic research into the subjects of inclusion and equity are too often marginalized to the periphery of organizational behavior and strategy research (Roberts et al., 2018). This blindspot is particularly problematic in the current context in which we face a global “racism pandemic” (APA, 2020). A diverse panel of scholars will share their research into individual and organizational avenues to foster racial inclusion and create more equitable workplace policy and procedures, while exploring the methodologies that facilitate these investigations. Through interaction with our panelists in small groups, we hope that participants will become more familiar with the theories, methodologies and best practices that shape this area. While the emphasis of the general discussion will be on researching race in the workplace, small group discussions will discuss theories, methodologies, and best practices related to research on gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

Confirmed Panelists:

Alexis Smith Washington, Oklahoma State University
Alison Hall Birch, University of Texas Arlington
Mikki Hebl, Rice University
Oscar Holmes IV, Rutgers University
Enrica Ruggs, University of Memphis


Allying & Advocating in the Classroom and Beyond

Pedagogy is best when it responds to contemporary events. This is arguably an unprecedented time in American history. One in which diverse Americans are attending to issues of social justice, societal equity and systemic oppressions. However, this heightened attention is matched by equally high levels of debate. This trend is reflected on our campuses and in our classrooms, and it can be challenging to facilitate productively. Therefore, the purpose of this PDI is to better equip participants to engage in and promote constructive conversations about the inequities of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation on campus and in the workplace. Attendees will leave prepared to advance difficult, genuine and critical dialogues about inclusion and equity.

Confirmed Panelists:

Elizabeth Karam, Texas Tech University
Myrtle Bell, University of Texas Arlington
David Hekman, University of Colorado Boulder
Darryl Rice, Miami University