Because of a change in digital privacy regulations and anti-spam policies, not everyone has been receiving SMA’s emails about due dates and deadlines. In essence, members won’t get our emails unless they BOTH “Subscribe” and subsequently “Confirm” that they have opted-in to receive emails from us. They do this by clicking on a link that’s sent to them from the email system itself. This verifies 1) that the address is valid and 2) they really do want to hear from us and haven’t been added to a mailing list involuntary.

Unfortunately, the confirmation email from the email system looks suspiciously generic. The subject line is just “Please confirm” with a clickable link in it. It’s all the things your IT department would absolutely tell you to ignore, but it’s definitely a real thing from us. Because of how these emails are generated, they have a good chance of ending up in your Junk / Spam folder, or in quarantine if your institution uses Microsoft Outlook.  If you don’t see it in your email, you can look for “Please confirm” from in those other folders. I’d add you to the confirmed list manually if I could, but the system won’t let me because that defeats the whole purpose of requiring members to opt-in.

Please know that we’re working as quickly as possible to get this resolved.

Thanks for your patience,

– Tim Madden
SMA Communications Coordinator