Call for SMA Officer Nominations

The Southern Management Association (SMA) is seeking nominations for candidates to stand for election to SMA’s leadership team. The extended deadline for nominations is July 30th, 2022. This year, we will be electing a Vice President/Program Chair-Elect and three SMA Board members. The Vice President/Program Chair-Elect serves a five-year rotation, including the four subsequent executive officer positions of Vice President/Program Chair, President-Elect, President, and Past President. Board members serve three-year terms. These are key strategic leadership roles and reflect the opportunity to serve the governing body for Journal of Management and Journal of Management Scientific Reports. Further, SMA is involved in a variety of professional development activities for our diverse membership, some of which occur at our vibrant annual conference and others throughout the year. We pride ourselves on a collegial and agile culture within SMA that is reflected in the leadership team. All members of our leadership team actively work to continuously improve SMA.

All officers and Board members are expected to attend Board meetings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the SMA Annual Meeting, a mid-year Board meeting (usually held in February with travel expenses paid by SMA), periodic conference calls, a meeting at the Annual Academy of Management conference (if in attendance), and to chair and/or serve on various committees.

More information about the individual duties of elected officers can be found here (p. 3). The candidate selection committee uses the following criteria to determine which nominees will appear on the final ballot:
1. Significant contributions to management scholarship, including respect and reputation among colleagues in the field.
2. Past SMA activities and service, including reviewing papers, facilitating sessions, and presenting papers. Service in larger roles such as track chair or consortium coordinator are highly desired but not mandatory.
3. Reputation for dependability.
4. Must be a current and active member of SMA.

Candidates cannot appear on the ballot for more than two consecutive membership elections. Further, candidates for these positions cannot currently serve in another elected or appointed SMA office at the time the election is held. Nominations require (a) the candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV), (b) two letters of reference from two active SMA members, and (c) a letter of nomination/self-nomination that describes the candidate’s prior contributions to SMA. A letter of nomination (but not self-nomination) can serve as one of the letters of reference. You may nominate a colleague or self-nominate. The vita, letter of nomination, and letters of references should be submitted as one PDF document to: Janaki Gooty at