SMA’s Guided JOMSR “Pub” Crawl
Submit Revised Proposal

Step 6

Submit Revised Proposal

Following their meeting with the assigned CARMA Methodological Expert (Step 5), participants may have to revise their proposal. Participants should use the below form to submit their revised proposal (i.e., front end plus revised methodology) to the SMA JOMSR Guided “Pub” Crawl Committee. The deadline for submitting the revised proposal is August 30, 2024.

The revised proposal should include the following: 

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • “Front end” (e.g., introduction, theory, hypotheses) and methodology
  • References
  • Relevant tables and figures
  • A short description of changes made to the proposal since the initial version was submitted

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Revised Proposal Submission Form

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
The uploaded file should include the following: (1) Title page, (2) Abstract, (3) "Front end" (e.g., introduction, theory, hypotheses), (4) Methods, (5) References, (6) Tables and figures, and (7) A short description of revisions made to the proposal