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Grant Funding Application

Step 8

Grant Funding Application

After submitting their revised proposal (i.e., front end plus revised methodology; Step 6), participants can apply for $1,000.00 (USD) in research grant funds. In order to receive funding, the lead author on the paper must have completed Steps 1-6 of the Guided “Pub” Crawl (see and specify how they plan to use the grants funds.

The below grant funding application form should be completed by the lead author. The deadline to submit the application form is 11:59 PM ET on September 1, 2024.

Funding will be distributed per proposal (not per participant) and can be used for any associated research expenses, such as data, software purchases, and/or travel expenses that the grant funding committee deems appropriate. Funding is based on the availability of SMA funds. Each proposal will be evaluated on its merits by the SMA Guided “Pub” Crawl Committee. To maintain the integrity of the blind review process, the JOMSR Special Issue Editorial Team is not involved in reviewing applications and making funding decisions. 

Funding decisions will be announced via email by September 16, 2024. 

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Grant Funding Application Form

**One request per proposal, not per participant**
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